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Marketing Workshop

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I think it is more important than ever to understand what marketing means in the world we live in today. Customers are smart, savvy and it’s not the old-school marketing game of cheesy, make-my-logo-bigger ads anymore (not that it was ever ok :)). The times I’ve been most successful in marketing is when I truly understand and connect with my target customer, and interact with them in a real, authentic way. Customers not only buy your products or service, they buy your story.

At my marketing workshop, we will work to define who you are speaking to. We will hone in on your target market and craft a marketing plan around knowing your target customer. We’ll discuss the importance of storytelling, and craft ways for you to tell your brand and product stories that resonate with your customer.

You don’t just want to shoot fish in a barrel. You’re not for everyone and you don’t want to be. You’ll be more successful focusing on your target customer’s journey with your brand than trying to speak and market to everyone and their mom. I design and provide a template to help you strategically plan marketing, launches, and external communication. You’ll also receive my Press Planner template to help organize your lists, manage outreach, chart progress and oversee & facilitate follow-ups and relationships. I love organization and when you’re wheels are spinning in many different directions, these sheets and planners keep you from losing your mind and giving up!

We’ll discuss email marketing and how to effectively grow it, utilize segmentation and set-up automation to help provide the best service to your customers. We’ll make the software you’ve signed up for and invested in work for you. We’ll briefly talk about systems and why implementing systems into a business can make it seem like there are three of you instead of one.

I’ll talk about how I’ve worked with influencers and bloggers, and introduce platforms you can use to help connect with influencers and bloggers who make the most sense for your brand. I also show you how to work with the beautiful, supportive network around you have to create a stellar campaign and launch. We’ll go through a few launch strategy ideas, sales funnels & talk about the importance of using what you’ve already achieved to shine a light on your company or brand.

I believe good photography (especially a great headshot) and video play a huge role in marketing efforts. Included in and during the workshop, each person will have their portrait taken. This image will be used for a lot of press submissions, speaking or public appearance and social media profiles. 

I will also be gifting each attendee a Thimblepress Day Dreamer & Do Something Awesome notepad!

Please note, space is limited as we want to keep the class size small.

* Marketing Template & Press Planner are valued at over $250 and will be emailed to you before the Marketing workshop *

Workshop Times To Choose From:

Saturday, June 13, 2020 from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Workshop Location: 

The Thimblepress Studio, 113 North State Street, Jackson, MS 39201

Snacks and beverages will be included. If you can bring a laptop or tablet we encourage it, but it is not necessary. We will email you closer to time with headshot tips, what to bring and any other workshop details not included here!