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Partnerships & Collaborations Workshop

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This workshop sold out in 3 days and it's back and better than ever! It's always super fun to work with brands we love, be featured in media outlets like magazines and blogs, and get to speak about what we do to our favorite podcasts or events. BUT HOW DO I LAND THE DEAL? That's what this workshop is focused on! 

• Learn how to work with brands through social media channels in an authentic way that makes sense for you & your followers.

• Learn the contractual aspects of collaborations, royalties, flat fees, etc.

• You’ll receive a Media Kit Template ($150 value)

• You’ll receive a resource list of places to easily find content creation & brand partnership opportunities.

• You’ll learn what affiliate linking means, how to use it in an authentic way and how to get started with it.

• You'll learn how to pitch yourself to media outlets, podcasts, and speaking opportunities

Workshop Times: Feel free to arrive 30 minutes early for the workshop to take time to settle in and chat with others!

I will also be gifting each attendee a Thimblepress Day Dreamer & Do Something Awesome notepad! ($54 value)

Saturday, April 18 - 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Workshop Location: The Thimblepress Studio, 113 North State Street, Jackson, MS 39201