If you don’t know by now I am obsessed with my two dogs, Henry #HenryAlbertLey & Willow #WillowLey. Oh yes, they have their own hashtags. We could end the “about kristen” page right now and I’m pretty sure that would cover a lot of it. But that's not why you are here. so let's get to the really good stuff...

I like to say I am Texas born and Mississippi raised.

With both states coursing through my veins, it’s a pretty good guess I’m going to have an accent if we get a chance to talk. I greet most everyone with a genuine hug and smile, and my dogs expect the same in return! I’m passionate about my business of 6 years, Thimblepress, and I am proud of all the products we have been able to create and collaborations we have been a part of. Thimblepress has truly been a dream come true.

I’m able to live out my personality in products I design; It feels pretty awesome to be able to say that!

I love creative thinking, brainstorming & finding new solutions to a problem. I find most of my inspiration away from the office on travels with my pups (#thimbletravels, #roadtriptapas), hanging out with my family and friends, and painting. Finding time to paint without a deadline or reason is one of my favorite things to do. My favorite part about working with other creative entrepreneurs, businesses or clients is when something CLICKS, when they see the bigger picture, when they see what I’ve been seeing all along!