One of my favorite things to do is hear a company's challenges and collaborate with them to come up with creative solutions. Marketing, creative direction, and photo styling are areas I am passionate about and I would love to share that passion with you! 

Looking to bring in a fresh perspective, new ideas and out of the box thinking? I work to come up with new ideas and a plan that you can take and put into place for you or your brand. Expect to have fun! 

I'm a firm believer that we have the ability to change the perception and reality of a brand through creative thinking, determination, and implementation. Often brands and ideas can feel as if their ideas have been exhausted, are stale and need to be infused with a breath of fresh air. I will work with you to formalize new ideas and oversee the facilitation of the ideas throughout your brand and company. You may ask what does creative direction include? Creative direction, in my scope, includes but is not limited to

• Product development

• Overall look, vision, and feel of your brand

• Brand refresh

• Way-finding

• Trend analyzation

• Finding new media outlets that work best for your brand audience

• Overseeing the development of creative work (i.e. photography, video, collateral, ads, etc.).

These services can be mixed and matched to your needs. I recognize that each business has unique needs and want to work with you to provide a service that helps you achieve your dreams!

With over 6 years of styling photos & managing photoshoots for Thimblepress, I am excited to offer my love of photo styling and photoshoot execution to brands and businesses. I execute photo shoots that tell a story and make sense for a brand's audience. I meet with the client to discuss the overall media approach, which can encompass photo needs, new media opportunities and methods.  I develop detailed storyboards for photoshoots, scout props, clothing, and materials, and schedule the talent (photographers, hair and makeup, models, videographers). I work the day of the shoot to advocate for the brand to ensure the creative vision for the shoot is me, all necessary shots are executed, everyone remains on schedule and assets are delivered on or before contracted time.