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I have admired Kristen since I first discovered Thimblepress several years ago. When she started offering creative calls, I jumped at the opportunity to talk with her about all the things. I cannot say enough good things about my 2-hour creative call with Kristen! She provided me with a list of topics she had covered in the past, which was really helpful, and I also brought a lot of my own questions too. We covered several topics including marketing, social media, hiring employees, design, wholesale, working with reps, collaborations and licensing, and sourcing and manufacturing. Kristen is such a wealth of knowledge and provided me with so many great ideas, insight and direction. Not to mention, she is just an awesome person. It was really fun to talk shop with her. If you’re on the fence, take the leap and book a creative call with Kristen. You will wish you had done it sooner!

Taylor Elliott

When I began working with Kristen I was about to throw in the towel on my art career. At the time I was relying on podcasts/books/blogs to help me to build my creative career and I was wasting enormous amounts of time and energy.  Kristen not only provided a wealth of knowledge but tailored her coaching to me, my strengths, areas of growth and vision. I can say without any hesitation that working with Kristen has put me years ahead of where I would be on my own.  

Before I invested in Kristen’s services I poured an embarrassing amount of money into a trade show, trying to follow someone else’s path to success.  Not surprisingly, it was not successful and I was devastated. Even if Kristen isn’t the right fit for you, you should find another really good coach before you invest in anything else. I learned that the hard way. 

Kristen was an absolute delight to work with. Our sessions seemed to come at the exact right times, I would leave each meeting with renewed motivation and clarity. She knew when to push me and when to tell me to take a break. Working with Kristen was invaluable.

Bri Hill

Talking with Kristen was wonderful! She is INCREDIBLY smart and knowledgeable about the product world. Right when I talked to her, my shop had recently had a big growth spurt and she was able to come in and help me make sense of things and put systems in place to help my shop grow even more. She is fun, intelligent, and kind. I loved being able to talk shop talk but also talk about real life and how to work through the emotions of being a shop owner and the hardships of being an entrepreneur. She's one of the best!

Rachel Allene Heckmann

I loved my one on one session with Kristen! She shares her knowledge and resources to help me with business and production questions. She also gave me valuable feedback about my collections and how to scale them to be more in depth and appeal to wider audiences. Kristen shared her personal stories from her business in terms of Dos and Don't about PR, Marketing. Overall, I am very happy with the session and I would recommend this to all my small business friends.

Rongrong DeVoe

My experience with Kristen was amazing. Her positive energy and passion for helping others radiates out of her and left me feeling so inspired every time I finished a call with her. The depth of experience she has is remarkable and spans across many facets of business including marketing, licensing, and product development, just to name a few. She is so generous with sharing every bit of knowledge she possesses and went above and beyond to make sure I was getting the most out of my time with her. Today I feel so much more focused in my business and have more confidence to reach out and go for new opportunities that I might have been hesitant to attempt before.

Kim Burks of Ramona and Ruth

Kristen Ley is a wealth of knowledge! My 2 hour creative call was exactly what I needed for my business and for me personally. Kristen walked me through some immediate struggles I was having with my small business and gave me actionable steps to take to help lift the weight off my shoulders. She was so transparent, honest and kind. It was quite refreshing to speak with someone who just gets it! I felt 100x better when I got off our call. I highly recommend Kristen Ley for whatever your creative or business needs may be.

Amy Kinslow of

We needed a shot of energy when we scheduled our in person creative call. Time with Kirsten created a new vision, a sense of possibilities and a perspective that gave us clarity on our brand and where we needed to go. She is the breath of fresh air you sometimes need to bring clear vision to your brand. We look forward to our next visit.

Steve & Jill McKenzie

Where do I begin with Kristen Ley and her coaching program? It came at just the right time for me and my business. I contacted Kristin in February of 2019 with a plan to rebrand my salon. She was so helpful and knowledgeable in every aspect from the business side as well as creative side. She kept me on a timeline to archive my goals and encouraged me every step of the way. By June of 2019, we relaunched our salon and I have Kristen to thank for holding me accountable and guiding me the whole way. 

Molly Gee Webster of Molly Gee & Co.

Spending a weekend in Jackson, Mississippi with Kristen not only changed the way I perceive my business, but changed the way I see the future of my business. She gave me permission to do what would make me happy and not just chase after goals. We tackled everything from creating videos, still photos to breaking my creative block! She brought in a local photographer to take pictures of me in her studio who literally saw into my soul. I have vitiligo and Beth made me feel so comfortable in my skin. Kristen has so much knowledge in the ins and outs of business, but she can also help you see a vision to take it to the next level. The weekend workshop will not just give you basics of business, it is created around your business and personality. Kristen made me feel welcome and at home immediately and we are now best friends. If you want in on it, I would suggest you book NOW!

Lucy Farmer


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