I understand the need to be heard, talk candidly about where you are in business, pick someone’s brain and get advice from someone who has been there and GET’S IT.

Honestly, sometimes we need someone’s opinion & ideas; we need to brainstorm things that we've often kept circling in our own mind. I created the 1-time creative call option as a way to do just that. It is an open conversation where we can discuss anything you would like. Besides the worksheet I send after purchase, there is no prep before the call. I don’t promise to know it all, but I am an open book and will generously share with what I know.

I’m also here to encourage, cheer you on & remind you that we are all in this together!

Due to my schedule, I only offer a set number of these a month. Please click here to purchase your time. Once the purchase is made, an email will be sent with links to schedule your call.