Over a year ago, God made it very clear that the giant guest room I have was not meant to just exist, but to be part of a bigger picture I had to reach creatives and business owners on a more personal level.

Not once did I think this idea was crazy, but I thought others would, so I didn’t share my idea for it. To my surprise, I was greeted with cheers and positive thoughts from friends about creating this experience. It was clear. I was ready to host weekend workshops designed for the creative heart.

When we start businesses, we are thrown into a whole new existence, yet the world does not slow down and change while we adjust. We often find ourselves going through the motions & seeking refuge in the late hours of the evening to plan and create. Those scenarios really play out when we have been in business for a period of time, and we want to cultivate new and exciting projects that usually don’t find a place in current day to day operations.

I’ve discovered when I finally take a minute to plan dedicated & focused time away from the office to work on the plans or ideas, the ideas more than less take flight.

The weekend workshop is hosted in the studio apartment above Thimblepress in downtown Jackson, MS. It is only available to one person at a time. If you have a business partner, we can work out an arrangement that makes sense. The weekend will be planned out before over two, 1 hour live calls before the weekend to solidify goals and make sure it a completely personalized experience.

From a photoshoot, product development, marketing, and social media planning, etc. the weekends are not one size fits all.

I work with many different business & creative experts; video calls with these experts can even be added on to your experience. If working out, yoga and specific dietary needs are wanted, we will build all of that into your personal weekend. Overall, I want this experience to be personal, focused, productive and leave you feeling very accomplished.

Because this weekend workshop is personal and in my home, individuals must apply to take part in this experience. I only offer a certain number per year, so availability is limited. After I review your application, I’ll schedule a 15-min get to know you call so we can both decide if we are a good fit to work together.

WEEKEND WORKSHOP MINIMUM INVESTMENT: $3500 (a payment plan can be arranged)

All meals are included in the workshop price. Travel expenses to and from the workshop are not included (If you fly in, I will obviously pick you up and drop you off)