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Kristen Ley

Collaboration Guidelines & Agreement Template

Collaboration Guidelines & Agreement Template

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Are you a brand looking to partner with bloggers and influencers to create content, images, videos for your product or service? 

When I first started working in this sphere of marketing it was all very vague and there weren't a lot of guidelines or rules.

I found it very important for my brand to have clear guidelines on expectations, how content should be delivered, and legal releases in the process.

Instead of having it in a loose email outlining all of it, we created a customizable template to help streamline the entire process.

This 9-page template helped us make sure all i's were dotted and t's crossed, which is super important if you are sending money or product to someone. This template helps showcase your favorite content, the style of content you love to post and have represent your brand, and even tips on how to capture the best images and video with our products.

This 9-page template also includes a form for the influencer / blogger / content creator to fill-out with social information, shipping address (for product shipment) and even a waiver to sign that helps protect your brand. 

Overall, this template makes you look professional and like you have it all together, but most importantly it spells out all your expectations and gives the content creator all the tools they need to meet your expectations. You leave nothing to assumption, which we have learned is always better! 

The template is a fully customizable Adobe Illustrator file that contains 9 different customizable pages (8.5 x 11) along with copy/content we have used in the past so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. (fonts are not included, but we suggest using your brand fonts). A PDF preview of the template also comes in the zip files with the Adobe Illustrator file. 

Not sure how to use Adobe Illustrator? There are a lot of classes over at Skillshare that we highly recommend! We even found this FREE ONE!

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